Grandma Scrotum's Sex Tips

Grandma Scrotum


Phwoar! Look at that, lovies. Wa-hey!

Grandma Scrotum serves up the finest male flesh in all its glory for your viewing pleasure!

Enjoy well toned naked men in the pool, in the shower, outdoors, and generally taking their clothes off in a manner that makes your Grandma go all wobbly-legged (and that's not arthritis, Lovey!)

Ooooh, hunky naked man, cripes...

Enjoy a good laugh as Grandma dishes out her own brand of hand-knitted sexual wisdom. And you have the chance to hear her best rambling anecdotes:
Brazilian waxing with treacle and candle wax...
Dear old Fenwick and the male strippers...
What Russel Crowe used to do when he was the kid next door...
Why long dicks are useful for everyday housework...

And more!

Just who is Grandma Scrotum?

"Without the advice of Grandma Scrotum, I never would have become the
modern-day sex symbol that I am."
- Dame Edna Everage

"It was Grandma Scrotum who first suggested I try anal bleaching.
I hear she also suggested Richard Gere should experiment with gerbils."
- Lara Flynn Boyle

"Grandma Scrotum has personally advised me on the sort of grooming and presentation
- not to mention all-round sexiness - that makes me stand out from other male porn stars."
Ron Jeremy

"I did not have sex with that woman."
 - Bill Clinton


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