Grandma Scrotum's Sex Advice

I've never fingered a girl before and I need some tips quickly because my girlfriend keeps coming on to me and I dunno what I'm doing. Please help. Thanx. Steve.

Relax, you've made the first important step which is to ask for direction:)

The big thing with manually stimulating (or fingering) a girl is to know that it's her clitoris that you want to focus on. That's the pleasure button at the top of her slit. You have to stroke that gently - not too hard or rough - and she'll soon be squirming. Don't just insert your fingers in her vagina, she won't feel much there - women don't have very many nerve endings in their vagina. You will mainly need to do that to moisten your finger with her juices so you can keep rubbing the clit. (Don't rub the clit if she's dry, it can be uncomfortable. In fact, if she's dry you probably should kiss her some more and maybe lick her nipples a bit until she's more turned on).

I've seen someone suggest to stimulate her g-spot... my answer to that is, don't try yet. Some women do not have a g-spot, or they need training in order to respond to it. The g-spot is not a magical button that can make a woman orgasm, and young women are inexperienced when it comes to having any kind of orgasm with a man, let alone a g-spot one.

I would also suggest you talk to her while you're doing this. Ask her if it's OK, if you're doing it right, if she wants you to go faster or slower... This means you care about her and what you're doing - women can be very different in what they find pleasurable, so asking is usually the best way to find out what works for your girlfriend.

And if she says no, or it looks like she really doesn't want you touching her, then stop.

Hope that's useful, please email if you have any more questions.







Disclaimer: Grandma Scrotum is not a sex therapist. This advice is for entertainment purposes only.
It's based on research and common sense. It's always a good idea to consult a doctor or therapist for sex advice.