Grandma Scrotum's Sex Advice

Hello My Dears! Welcome to my new sex advice site.

I've had so many people email me questions about sex, I thought it was time I stopped rambling on about the good old days and publish some serious stuff. So. Here's some real-life emails and my answers. Names changed, of course. And remember the disclaimer!

The Sex Advice

What's the difference between the G-spot and the clitoris?

Is cunnilingus better than manual masturbation?

How do I finger a girl?

I can only come in the missionary position...

My girlfriend has been "circumcised"...

I'm about to get married. How to I please my wife?

My husband's cock is too big, my girlfriend will want to have sex with him.

Which parts of my pubic area do I shave?

What if you want to finger fuck her before you go down on her?

Is there more to fellatio than just sucking?


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Disclaimer: Grandma Scrotum is not a sex therapist. This advice is for entertainment purposes only.
It's based on research and common sense. It's always a good idea to consult a doctor or therapist for sex advice.