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Hi Grandma,
This may sound a little strange, but I've heard a lot of guys talk about a shaved pubic area. My question is where to shave?.. how much to shave? what hairs to leave? I don't want to shave it all just shape it up a little... ya know what I mean? Is there any good sites to show me how? Now that I feel real stupid, thanks for listening. - Annie

It's not strange at all. A lot of women like to trim, wax or shave their pubic area, either because they think it looks or feels good, or to please their men. 

You should only shave off as much as you want. There are no rules as to exactly how much to leave or shave off - you could go bald if you wanted. There are no health problems associated with shaving off pubic hair, except for the possibility of ingrown or infected hairs. And the only other problem that arises from shaving is when it grows back - it can be very VERY itchy!

So, you could shave the hair from your labia and leave a "racing stripe" on your mound. You could shave it into the shape of a heart! You could also just trim it very short with scissors, which means that the area is "cleaner" and and your clit is easier to get to, but there's none of that nasty itching.

Alternative you could buy an electric shaver created especially for the purposes of removing pubes

As is mentioned there, you could avoid the shaving and use a depilatory cream. This may make it easer to remove the hair from hard-to-reach places, but you need to be careful because the chemicals used in those creams are quite harsh and could irritate you.

And don't feel stupid about asking questions! It's the only way anybody finds out information :)
Good luck






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It's based on research and common sense. It's always a good idea to consult a doctor or therapist for sex advice.