Grandma Scrotum's Sex Advice

Dear Grandma,
My husband and are pretty sexual people and love to have sex all the time. But lately he's been questioning why I can only orgasm in one position (missionary), I've never really thought about it myself until he asked me because I thought all women were that way. I tried to explain to him that sex with women is not like what he sees in porn videos where the woman can get off standing on her head, but he wasn't satisfied with that. Then the other day I saw a survey that had been taken by like a hundred women, and 95% all said that doggie style and being on top was best position for an orgasm. I've tried alot of clitoral stimulation that way, but its still impossible. Am I missing something or what?

Sincerely, Befuddled

My dear, there's nothing wrong with you at all. In fact, you're doing better than 50% of women because you can actually HAVE an orgasm. And you can have it during intercourse... many women can only get there through manual stimulation. 

As for position, whatever works for you is fine. The Hite Report (by Shere Hite) in the 70's found that some women could only come with their legs pressed tightly together, while others had to have them spread. It's a similar thing with positions. Getting it all together depends on what you like, and how you like it, and there's no "normal".

And what you're thinking can sometimes make a difference. Some women love the *idea* of doggy style so much it's enough to get them over the line.

So sure, try a few different positions and see if it works, but if it's too much like hard work, forget it. You're supposed to be enjoying yourself here, and if you're perfectly happy having an orgasm through missionary, why change? Tell your husband he should be thankful for what he's got and to stop pressuring you. Maybe if you're more relaxed, you MIGHT be able to come in another position, but you have to feel comfortable with the whole deal.


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Disclaimer: Grandma Scrotum is not a sex therapist. This advice is for entertainment purposes only.
It's based on research and common sense. It's always a good idea to consult a doctor or therapist for sex advice.