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Well, dearies, if you're not happy with the accumulated wisdom of over 50 years of studious shagging, you might want to visit My Sex Secrets instead.

This is an enormous site run by Erica and her husband Steve. These two would rival me and Fenwick for sheer shagging stamina. They took all the photos themselves and did so much research it's ridiculous!

This great sex guide offers tips and advice on every possible sex topic you could think of! Mystical sex secrets, sex positions guide, tantric sex, g spots, oral sex guides, secrets, fantasies, penis size, sexual muscle training, extended orgasm, Kama Sutra, and more. There's separate men's and women's sections, plus sex stories, erotic art and fascinating ezines. I recommend it.

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Dick cheese is one of the most disgusting things in the world. However, when you add a little milk, flour and nutmeg, it makes a passable lasagna sauce.
- Flying Nun, Los Angeles CA

I've found semen is useful for removing a variety of stains, including beetroot. Unfortunately, it is a little difficult to obtain the quantity required.  I nearly killed my husband trying to remove a red wine spill from a lace tablecloth, not that he complained.
- Mrs. Weekend, Ohio
I've contacted several cleaning companies with this suggestion, but none have been terribly interested in developing a new product. - Grandma

I've discovered that my vibrator can double as a lightweight blender when throwing together a few genteel cocktails of an afternoon. I especially enjoy creating Cosmopolitans, although the Orgasm is usually a favourite.
- Janet, Michigan

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"Dear Grandma. I'm still laughing. I love your site. I sent links to all my friends. Thank you." - Tdks3

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You know dearies, the Brazilians may think they invented the Brazilian wax, but I was way ahead of them on that front.

It was back in the war days, and I decided I wanted to go smooth to impress Fenwick when he got back from the front. Of course, back then we had to deal with rations, so I couldn't use any of that namby-pamby waxing stuff, and we needed razors to make razor wire, or so Mr Beancurd from the shop kept telling me. No, all I had was a can of treacle, some candle wax and a few rags that I'd normally clean the windows with.

Well, I can tell you, it wasn't a very pleasant experience, and the scars took several years to fade. If only I'd had a Feather Touch Personal Shaver back then, life would have been so much simpler!

I recommend this handy little device. It's been designed specifically for shaving the pubic area. So if you want to go smooth for your man, it is a far less painful experience than using treacle, I can tell you.

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