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Note: This site is now defunct. Please visit For The Girls Instead!

Womens Porno

Well, would you look at that, my sweeties! A man and a woman LOOKING at each other in a sexual photo. My goodness, things are so very modern in the world of women's erotica... eye contact, foreplay, kissing. What next - a thorough knowledge of the location of the clitoris?

Certainly makes a change from the porn of my day. Back then, women looked straight at the camera and smiled, like they were in a washing powder commercial. Actually, given the amazing cleaning powers of semen, I'm not at all surprised. Gets stains out of anything, it does.

I should let you know right now that Womens Porno wins as far as value for money goes. A trial membership lasts for 3 days and costs $2.95... but the best thing is that you then get FREE ACCESS to 21 other porn sites.

My pension doesn't go far, so I was quite pleased with this deal. Just for curiosity sake I went over to Fetish Hospital... it was rather extreme, I must say. I watched a video of a woman having sex with a metre-long blue dildo... her expression was a little hard to describe, but the doctors inserting the thing seemed to find it quite a lot of fun. 

It brought to mind a rather nasty experience I had in hospital, after Fenwick and I experimented with a particularly impressive German sausage...

Well, anyway dears, Womens Porno is a very large site, and if you're curious about what goes on in paysites, this is probably the one to try, because you get to find out what all those dirty men are looking at as well.

Note: This site is now defunct. Please visit For The Girls Instead!

Hello My Dears!

As I always say, a gratuitous butt shot is worth two in the camel.

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Where are the dicks?
Well, my dears, unfortunately a penis is now considered to be obscene, disgusting, hateful, evil, and the source of all economic problems. It would appear that my great aunt Thelma is now in charge of public morals and will get her lackeys to haul me through court if I dare show a doodle.

If you want to see the penis in all it's erect glory you can do two things: become a member of a paysite, where censorship holds no sway, or visit the Naughty Bits section of this site and get an AVS password to get in!

Note: This site is now defunct. Please visit For The Girls Instead!

I rather like the look of this young whippersnapper, and you should see the rest of the pics. This man has a rather long dick, one that would have plenty of household uses.
I made good use of a big dick around the house for many years until dear Fenwick passed on. Towel racks, necklace holders, bookmarks... there was nothing my lovely husband's todger wasn't good for. He was particularly handy during a dinner party when the toilet roll holder broke. I fixed it up straight away, the roll fitted perfectly, and I suspect the guests barely noticed.

Indeed, I hear it's all the rage with the well-to-do these days, to have an erect penis handy at all times. Apparently it's very difficult to get that sort of good help, even in upper class areas. 

In any case, All Star Studs celebrates all the uses of the dick, and revels in its many shapes, sizes, colours and religions. Of course, it also very much admires the attached man, without whom the site would be a mere genital showcase. And as we all know, genital showcases are generally cheap and nasty, and don't go well with the rest of the furniture.

What's more there's plenty of filthy filthy content to keep one occupied, including access to over 50 adult sites. One could in fact become so distracted in fact, that the household chores could be neglected completely.

Note: This site is now defunct. Please visit For The Girls Instead!

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