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They didn't have them in my day, and what a pity that was. Of course, Fenwick once tried to get a erotic troupe together. He rounded up a few of his snooker mates and they practised in the back room for, oh, months it must have been. Every evening they were at it, the floor shaking, the gramophone skipping, long johns flying left and right. At the time I was ready to kill someone if I heard Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy  ever again. 

But it all came to nought. There they were, up on stage on the big night, and Big John from up the road got so terrified he forgot how to take off his pants. Ended up singing God Save the Queen and doing Doris Day impressions just to stop the crowd from tearing them all to pieces.

Now if YOU want to see naked men on stage, it's easy. Visit CNFM British Strippers and you can watch them take it all off... and then give it a bit of a tug for good measure. Aren't you lucky, lovies? Sure beats Fenwick and the gang.

What's that you say... they made a movie about male strippers...?

Hello My Dears! Get a look at that, ay?


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Where are the dicks?
Well, my dears, unfortunately a penis is now considered to be obscene, disgusting, hateful, evil, and the source of all economic problems. It would appear that my great aunt Thelma is now in charge of public morals and will get her lackeys to haul me through court if I dare show a doodle.

If you want to see the penis in all it's erect glory you can do two things: become a member of a paysite, where censorship holds no sway, or visit the Naughty Bits section of this site and get an AVS password to get in!


If you like your porn all romantic and with tasteful lighting, could be for you. Lots of Shakespearean quotes, heaps of articles, and well photographed porn. It's all a bit hoity-toity if you ask me, but I guess I'm a little bit too coarse for this sort of thing. In my day we were lucky to see any kind of sex photo at all, and it was usually done on a flash and a Box Brownie.

And the closest we got to Shakespeare being erotic was when Mrs Twonk's girdle snapped during a long reading of Romeo and Juliet, and the whole class were sent home in shock.

So you should thank your lucky stars that you were born in these enlightened times, and see what this site has to offer.
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