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Well lovies, I'm just over the moon that Freddy and Eddy liked my site."...we simply could not click away until we read just about every word, 'fact,' and piece of advice she had to offer." Although I'm danged if I know where they got the idea that I'm making it all up.

Premium AVS Sites

The Cunnilingus Site celebrates oral sex with over 800 explicit couples photos, a choose your own adventure story, and heaps of erotic fiction, all of which revolves around a good licking. 

Big Dick Men revels in the large penis, and is well proportioned with the well endowed. Hundreds of photos of hunks with big dicks, great illustrated sex stories, plus interesting articles on what it's like to be well hung, and why men fake orgasm. Lots of fascinating reading! 

Sensual Couples has over 1000 glorious photos of couples kissing, hugging, engaging in foreplay and, of course, fucking. Along with erotic fiction, this site features articles on anal sex, the G spot, Brazilian waxes and other topics. 

Hardcore for Her censors nothing. Over 1000 erotic couples and naked men pics, the Brown Hornet, erotic fiction, sex tips and sexy books. There's a lot here! 

Naked Well Hung Men features plenty of gorgeous hunks who are all very well endowed. If you love checking out huge tackle, this is the site for you.

Sexy Seductions - men and women seducing each other in erotic ways. Plus tips on how to seduce a man, erotic fiction, articles and more!

Her Porn has lots of new couples photos and heaps of movies. 

Hello My Dears!

Here's some sites I personally wouldn't use for my best gonad stew. But you might be interested. My good-for-nothing grandchild KJ has reviewed them for you.

For The Girls is my idea of a perfect women's erotica site. Why? Because I own it! My partner and I have worked really hard to create exactly the kind of premium site we would want to join. We've hand picked all the photos of hunky men and sexy couples, chosen the best 4women videos, written heaps of sex stories, articles and columns, added advice and humour, games and jokes and lots more. Satisfaction is the aim of the game - and we're sure For The Girls offers it in spades :) PS: Grandma Scrotum has her own advice column at For The Girls, and she dispenses new sex tips every month! - a new women's erotica site for those new to smut. Lots of sexy guys, couples and even fetish pics, but the real strength of this site lies with it's articles, stories and information. Quality writing is the hallmark of Sssh, which employs a team of special writers. If you're curious about sex magic, oral sex or romantic getaways, you'll love this site.

Serial Thrillas - British Strippers at their very best. Photos and videos from live CNFM shows. These guys get VERY close to the screaming ladies in the audience, and you want believe how some of these chicks behave! If you love strippers, you'll love this site!

Scott Styles used to work for NASA. Then one day he got jack of being a rocket scientist and decided that having sex for a living would be heaps more fun. Like you do. So he's been working as a porn star for many years now, is married to another porn star, and is very active in the adult business. And he loves his job. Scott has recently launched his website, which features stills from his movies, daily pics of him, and even a webcam in his bedroom, so you can watch him get it on with his wife. What can I say, the man is damned hot, and this is not your run-of-the-mill women's site. 

AEBN offers adult movies for rent, and the best part is, they've got the Candida Royalle Femme series available for $7.95 per video (you rent it for 24 hours online). So now you can enjoy 14 movies made especially for women! You can also enjoy the day's FREE VIDEO CLIP while you're there.

Three Pillows is for those who dream of getting it on with two men. This site explores bi-sexual sex without going into the usual cliches of double adapters and such. If you don't mind seeing guys get it on with guys (while women watch) this might be for you. And if you dig the idea of being pleasured by two men who devote all their attention to you... well, go for it!

Pure Cunnilingus - over 50 galleries of men on their knees, plus cunnilingus facts, stories, films and heaps more!

Erect Men - More than 1000 sexy naked men getting hard.

Female Fantasies - Indulge your desires with these fantasy costume scenarios.

A couple of other women's sites

The Cunnilingus Site - Devoted to going down! Couples galleries, fiction and real stories of cunnilingus.
SexFantasy Stories - Erotic fiction within the realm of fantasy.
Hardcore For Her - Hot hardcore pics of loving couples! Plus erotic fiction, gorgeous naked men, toy store and more.
Loving Couples - A gorgeous married couple go camping and make love.
Romantic Couples - Feel like making love? Get romantic with hot amateur couples, sex tips and true stories of romance.
Dicks! Dicks! Dicks! - a celebration of the dick, with great galleries, plus dick books, dick facts, dick songs, and a look at full frontal male nudity in films.

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