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Yes, dearies, I'm very happy to have been given a job at For The Girls, because lordy knows that site could do with some sensible input from a woman who knows what's what. You see, they have this other "expert" giving sex advice, and dang me if she isn't all hoity-toity and clever about it. I'll bet she's never used a doily in all her life.

Of course, the rest of the site really meets my standards as far as moistening the girdle goes. There's plenty of those naked male whippersnappers on hand, but I found myself quite hot and bothered after perusing the couples galleries. And the movies damn near shorted out my pacemaker.

This site is run by my good-for-nothing grandchild Karen who seems to have done something right this time. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by For The Girls.

So click here to read all my new sex tips!

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NEW! Grandma Scrotum's REAL Sex Advice. So many people have sent in emails with real questions, I've had a red hot go at giving real advice. In a friendly way, of course.

* Note This site has been around for a REALLY long time, since 2000. I've kept some of the old ads just for fun but any links go to current sites. Enjoy.

Some of the great stuff at Adult Empire

Crystal Rabbit Vibrator
Fascinating, isn't it, that your average Crystal Rabbit can't vibrate itself? I've never considered the family crystal to be much of a sex toy, actually. Too difficult to polish afterwards.

Micro FingerTickler
For those with a fetish for having their fingers tickled. In my day, finger ticklers took up an entire room.

The Erotic Gunslinger
Well, my dears, I could have sworn this was John Wayne... the way he used to drawl had me reaching for Fenwick at high noon, right when he was usually weeding the garden.

The Pink Pachyderm
  Apparently pink elephants are no longer something one sees after one too many gin and lemonades. Although I tried this version after about six gins and it seemed far preferable.

Frog Pouch G-String for Him
I put dear Fenwick in this Frog Pouch G-String and he looked a little startled. Although perhaps that was after I'd slapped him on the rump, cried "Tally Ho!" and shagged him within an inch of his life. Again.

Venus Butterfly
I found this specimen to be particularly easy to add to my butterfly collection, although  pinning down the wings was murder. The vicar was impressed when I showed him the new addition.

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